Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Strokes: New album is song "Machu Picchu"

On 22 March this year will mean the return of the rock band from Las Vegas, The Strokes, At record stores, it is the release date of their latest album " angles "Including a song with the name of one of the reasons to be proud of all Peruvians: Machu Picchu.

A few months ago I was telling a friend that would be great The Strokes began a tour of Latin America, in which Peru is included as a destination. He did not give me much hope with your response to my comment, but I have followed the same dream with the idea of playing in Lima to see Julian Casablancas and company in Lima. And now with this news I will tell you, my hopes begin to rise significantly.

As all fans of this band we need to know The Strokes not remove a disk from five years ago ("First Impressions of Earth"), in which, Julian Casablancas, lead singer took the time to start a solo project. However, this long period of waiting to hear something new The Strokes over, because their next album tentatively titled "Angles" due out March 22.

“Angles will contain a song under the name "Machu Picchu" this shows that our country and our region are still present in the minds of the members of the group. On "Machu Picchu"(Song), Rolling Stone, says:" The stabbing knocking sound in the guitars 'Machu Picchu is similar to staccato synthesizers beep, then it becomes a harsh sound on a hip hop track, as if Strokes interrupted a song by Jay-Z through 'Aftermath' by the Rolling Stones. "

I therefore hope that The Strokes, on the tour who have planned to make, including Peru. It would be great to see them play live on stage in Lima.

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