Thursday, February 24, 2011

Amanda Seyfried: I'm not good at anything more than the action

The nice actress Amanda Seyfried, Who will soon see the star film "Little Red Riding Hood," although in a darker version, was interviewed by the magazine "Interview", and that was why he decided to become an actress, among other things.

Many of us, when we had to decide what career to follow, we made based on our skills. It's the most logical. While some rely more on their weaknesses, and are discarded one by one all the options, to stay with one that will make you feel good. It is case similar to Amanda Seyfried who chose action because he was not good for anything else.

"I did not enter the art world for a specific reason. It was only a matter of finding the perfect container for all my energy and also because I'm not good at anything else. I'm not well equipped to, say, academic or sports things. "

But that was not all that talked Amanda Seyfried with "Interview"; it also touched the issue of choosing the red wig instead of a blonde for the movie "Little Red Riding Hood."

"I think it was one of the best ideas to make the film with a red wig because I have to say, most do with blondes. And that can be very frustrating for me because that's not how I am. "

Finally, Amanda also talked about what it means for her work alongside such renowned actors: "I am constantly drawn to the personas who are very intelligent for his own good, and they have it all together, because I do not relate much with it, so what I do is a kind of leap in its train.”

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