Thursday, February 24, 2011

Justin Bieber is rejected by Rihanna

I could swear that many girls are dying Justin Bieber, But now has a new haircut but Rihanna not one of them, including rejected an appointment Justin.

Now they will not go against the beauty of Rihanna, What happens is that Justin is very young for her and that they should understand it anyway Justin said he had asked her out but had a rejection on their part. "Yes, I asked her out"; "No I did so well, I'm not with her. I asked her out and she basically said something like 'You're too young'. "

I think that Justin likes older girls, including Selena Gomez is greater than him for two years, but that does not matter I am of those who think age does not matter if both are in love, do not know if that occurs between Justin and Selena, but looks like it for all those outputs they have, a little suspicious.

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