Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christina Aguilera says that leggings - Sorry, just Sorry!

How often have we criticized the stars only because of their weight? Usually that's only in one direction because of "fat" is of course no one, but "thin" they all are. As you can slap on pretty well without having to listen to the moral "You're driving people into the anorexic." 90% percent of overweight

articles on prominent pillory to deal with a lot of skinny celebrities, so I guess it contradict with the "political correctness" out times to blaspheme in the other direction.Advance but again the following statement: "Christina Aguilera is not too thick!" I would agree with that, but it's not exactly a gazelle and even the leggings, they should just let time in the closet.

I'm always not a fan of these tight pants and you have to also do not emphasize each pound of prosperity. “does have bewared horse" because, I hear anyone screaming. Cries of Potts chalk, if he wants to drive it and do not I take it not out of someone's "leggings" to prohibit. Only when a celebrity like Christina Aguilera, dies their best like to really "dirty" in hot outfits curb swallows is hopping around, currently dressed so unfavorable, then it is simply overlooked the visual irony ...

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