Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lana Del Rey newest lip Bekenntis: blue jeans instead of Born to die!

Actually, should this point now follow a review of brand new single by Lana del Rey, but I take the current at "Born to Die" video only get this well-known You Tube message: "this video, the music of UMG unfortunately contains not available in Germany. GEMA has not given the publishing rights thereto.

"I have to change plans a little here. After all, their best music yet released, and I make time for video games simply continue chronologically with "Blue Jeans". The song definitely proves that it is not a classic Lana Del Rey One hit wonder but a singer with very much potential.

At the very first listen mind you "Wow”, as well as for the second time and when you see it the first time, you think yourself: "Um, yes, this is the reality," This is the classic effect of which my

favorite talent show 'The Voice' lives. Optics and acoustics are not related! Viewed in appearance, I would grab Lana Del Rey in a different drawer, but it can now also safely crap.

High on the throne of her music can harm the alleged blasphemous estates eh nothing. Now, she has done with "Video Games" at number 1 on the German charts and as the song "Blue Jeans" virtually the bonus track their single is gifts the associated video first as a consolation prize before I'll finally with "Born to Die 'delight can:

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