Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pregnant by the broker-TV: Summer girls Anastasia will soon be summer-mom

Look here, just had the summer girl Anastasia and her broker friend Posth reconciled, as even young stands in the new Kudamm shack. At the 40th National Vocal Competition in Friedrich announced the news yesterday, the expectant mom. The growing baby bump was in the evening gown to deny any more.

Thus done, love Jessica Simpson. "I'm in the fifth month," she admits proudly. Even at the Breaking Dawn premiere in mid-November we could have guessed that hiding under Anastasia's leather dress a sweet secret. In early November, she clutched at her stomach saying much. Somehow, but not strapped the winks to the concrete piers and it is only now official.

Only a few months ago and Anastasia Alexander had found each other again after their separation. Since the reconciliation was indeed hit the mark. Thankfully, the expectant parents are not yet burdened with relocation stress, as related in early October, the two and a 200-sqm apartment with children and Kudamm nearby.

Even Papa Alexander, one of the VOX series "buy rent to live," knows, is happy. "I am overjoyed to be a father. Anastasia is in her fourth month, "said the broker over the BZ. Anyone who has suffered from both the math lessons from chronic narcolepsy?

Dad said quite simply the transposed digits: "Fourth or fifth, so you do not really know that. We know that the child is healthy, that's the main thing. "Yes, fine, but nevertheless you should know how far the pregnancy has progressed. Every gynecologist can the last one on the basis of the cycle work out quite quickly. And even if not known, one can determine the size of the fetus, the approximate gestational age. So the next time ultrasound to watch something better, Mr. Posth, and then it will work well with the interviews.

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